[Read First] How to appeal a punishment


Staff member
If you are banned or muted, then the chances are you were being a bit of silly sausage. However, if you feel that you were punished without a truly valid reason please use the following format to appeal. Please read all of this thread before appealing to ensure you follow the correct format.

An appeal may only be submitted by the punished player or their parent/guardian.

How to submit an appeal

Click this link to create a new thread
Write your appeal using this format:
  1. UserName
  2. Ban Reason
  3. Why Should We Remove It
  4. Punishment Type (MC, Teamspeak or Discord):
(Appeals NOT using this format will be denied.)

Press "Create Thread"
4) Wait for a reply. Please DO NOT create multiple appeals.

You cannot appeal punishments that have already ended.

Lastly, DO NOT ask staff members to look at your appeal. Messaging Moderators, Senior Staff and Owners might result in you getting banned from the forums. Be patient and await your reply. Every ban appeal will get a response.