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Shops & Money


Due to complaints about scams occurring on the forum, a few changes will now be taking effect if you wish to buy or sell goods. If you run a shop that is free (or want goods that are free), this will not affect you.


NO posts for art services (banners, signatures, avatars, etc.) are related to The Hive in any way, shape or form. The Hive assumes no responsibility for any transactions that may occur, including scams or cons. If you pay money and end up unsatisfied, you will have to take it up with the shop owner, not the Hive.

Minimum requirements
There is a minimum requirement for selling things for actual currency on the forum. They are not to make it more difficult or to give sellers a hard time; they are just meant to establish a basic level of trustworthiness in sellers. The requirements to be a seller are as follows-
  • You must have at least 5 posts on the forum
  • You must do at least 2 free works for others before charging
  • You must get direct approval from a Mod or Admin
I'm going to explain these just a bit. The 5 posts are simple - you'll be a bit more credible, and anyone looking to buy from you will be able to understand at least a bit about you from your activity in the community. The two free works, which could be any one of a banner/avatar/signature/video intro/etc, establish your art style and show potential buyers what they're going to be getting. It's also a way to assure that you can produce what you are promising. In order to count, the works must be given away to another user on this forum so that you have verified customers who can be contacted with ease. If you sold products before this change, they can count towards the 2 works.

Finally, you will need direct Senior Moderator approval before you begin charging money. The direct approval is to make sure you have accomplished the other two requirements properly, as well as to simply allow for a human to double check. The approval from the Senior Moderator will be posted on your thread for everyone to see. If you do not have such post, your post may be altered, locked or removed.

Shops only
If you wish to charge money, it will have to be through a shop thread. If you do not have a shop thread posted and approved, you may not charge money for services. If a user posts a request thread and you would like to charge money, simply direct the user to your (or someone else's) shop thread. Links to outside services by non-community members will still be allowed, though I would like to warn buyers to take extreme caution in such scenarios.

This is due to the fact that request threads are possibly the easiest place for scams to occur. Requiring shop threads will lead to increased credibility by all users trying to sell goods. If you do not wish to maintain an active shop thread but would still like to fill out requests occasionally, it is recommended that you create a thread, get senior staff approval, and then close the shop to new requests.

If you have any questions regarding this ruleset, you may contact a Senior Staff member. A list of Senior Staff members and above can be found on the Report guide thread here.